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The Benefits of Local SEO

A small-scale business that has a web presence will benefit from the use of local SEO. This is a type of marketing technique that focuses on promoting local businesses. Focus is also centered on users that are searching for specific services and products available locally. The resulting outcome that you will achieve from this type of marketing is an increase in potential customers with visibility that comes by easily finding your website. SEO [...]

Why is Facebook good for small business?

Facebook can be a great low cost way for a small business to engage with local customers and expand their reach into other neighboring markets. As of January 2012 Facebook has more than 800 million active users, 50% of these potential customers log on to Facebook in any given day and has an average of 130 friends. Although that number may seem like an unlikely target for small businesses, it’s important to understand why Facebook [...]

Is Twitter right for your business?

Twitter has become hugely popular in recent years and is changing the way businesses communicate with their customers.  It’s no longer just building great websites, blogs, or landing pages for your PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns. It’s about building networks and connecting with people that have similar interests.  However integrating this social media platform into your marketing mix can be tricky and difficult to measure. [...]

Tips for client success

Congratulations! You've found the perfect designer who understands exactly what you need and produces high quality work. Now it's time to start working with the web developers and begin the design process. To get the best possible results you need to get involved right from the start and provide as much feedback as possible to your design team. The design team's role is to translate your vision into something visually appealing an [...]

Business VoIP

VoIP is short-hand for Voice over Internet Protocol, a category of hardware and software that enables people to use a broadband internet connection to make and receive telephone calls. The technology works by sending voice data in packets using the internet protocol rather than by traditional circuit transmissions. It is often branded by different companies as voice over broadband, broadband phone, broadband telephony and Internet telephony. W [...]

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