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About Us


Maintaining a strong online presence is hard enough!

We believe your website should be easy to use, fast and user friendly but still of the highest quality perfected with advanced technology which plays a major role in creating an online presence.

Navigation of your website should be simple. We believe visitors to your website should easily understand what they are seeing and be able to move from one page to the other without delay or being confused.

Your website and online business deserves to be successful. We are equipped with all the tools and innovation necessary to make it successful. This is complemented by our team which has over 15 years of real-world experience in web design, development, application and digital marketing.

We at Carom Media take pride in not only creating a strong online web-presence for your business, but in maintaining it. This has been our goal from 2005 when the company first started and continues to this day as we have helped companies throughout the United States and Canada receive brand recognition and a web-presence.

Every client deserves a one on one consultant so we are able to understand the specific needs of their website and each client at Carom Media receives such consultation. In this consultation, we combine the client’s vision with our expertise to produce a cost effective plan which serves a specific purpose that is unique to their business.

We enjoy helping small companies do big things online which is why if you crave a strong online presence in your target markets as well as a coherent corporate identity, Carom Media is the company for you.

We know that many business owners lack the know how in combining the aspects of an online marketing plan (inclusive of Website, PPC, SEO, SEM, Social Media) and the need to help them, which is why we started the company.

Carom Media is not just a company of web designers and web marketers. We are business partners. Our clients are our business partners as we provide them with sound advice in relation to the successful future of their companies online. Throughout the years, we have earned the trust of many as the results delivered have been nothing but exemplary.

We want to help your business online because we see its potential, even more than you do!  If you would like us to develop your website and create an online marketing plan for your company; Contact Us at any time convenient to you at 1-855-GET-WEBDESIGN.


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